Production of plastic products

The high standard of our manufacturing processes, quality control and organization are always evaluated again by re-orders from our customers.

Company FORMA PLAST,k.s. produces plastic products injection engineering plastic especially PVC.

High standard of our production process, quality control and organization are always over rated through re-orders from our customers. In order to meet high international requirements as manufactures of plastic, we are certified according to standards STN EN ISO 9001.

We guarantee perfect quality products using high-quality and specially selected materials. Our manufacturing processes are distinguished by their precission and reliabity.

“Trust of our customers is proof of our high standard of quality and commitments for futher quality growth.”

Ing. Monika Mikuláková Executive Director, FORMA PLAST, k. s.

More about quality

Our policy of quality:

Highest quality

We produce products of the highest quality.

Fully meet customer needs

Support the requirements for product quality and preceded by disagreement.

Strong partner

Respond quickly to market demands.

Quality management

Apply and continuously improve the quality management system, increase and develop its efficiency and functionality.

Progressive technologies

Continuously improve the technological level of production of the introduction of new progressive technologies to promote the protection of environment and prevention of pollution in balance with socio economic needs.

Training of employees

Continually raising the level of professional knowledge and training of staff.

Social program

Ensure quality motivational and social program staff.

Certificates and ratings

We are certified to ISO 9001 since 2009. Our next goal is certification according to STN EN ISO 14001: 2005 environmental protection.

Machinery (amount of injection molding machines)

  • Our machine park consists of 15 machines of international manufacturers with 250 kN to 2000 kN.

Materials and manufacturing processes

We produce plastic parts by injection molding. We process soft PVC, PE, PP, TPE and TPU.

But all other plastics are also possible.

Technical presswork up to 900 g shot weight.

Our products – production of plastics

By special request products manufactured from different materials and different colors and forms

Our product features:

  • Cuff for protection of various metal surfaces, trucks, vehicles construction, track basic, levers
  • Protective cap, enclosures for electrical wiring and mechanical connection of different species, grommets for cables
  • Covers for the trailer Hitch, overrun brakes
  • Traverse feet, ladder feet

3rd generation FB-Joystick


Vzduchové hadice

Bellow for Air flow in forklifts



Bellow in blue colour for schoolsports and sports clubs





No matter what form, color or material, just ask us. We have the right, cost-effective solution for you.

Your solution


How best to present you the quality and seriousness of our work is through the clients with whom we have worked so far

Try to do the things best in the world and the world can hike a path to your door.

Tomáš Baťa 1876–1932


Area of manufacturing site: 635m2
Size of administrative areas: 91m2
Export share: 100%
Country of export: Germany
Number of employees: 19
Certificates: ISO 9001.2008
A legal form: Limited partnership
Ownership relationships: complementary – Forma Baumgarten, s.r.o.
Limited partner: Heinz – Michael Baugarten
Power of Attorney: Ing. Monika Mikulaková


In January 2009 company Forma Baumgarten, s.r.o. became a follower of 25 years tradition of producing engineering plastics company Forma Baumgarten Kg (Gmbh and Co.) which it has transmitted part of its machinery and molds in Slovakia.

In March 2013 the company Forma Baumgarten s.r.o. has established company Forma Plast k.s. which in April 2013 took over from her complete production activity.

Years of tradition


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